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All American burger with beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, sunny side up egg and barbeque saucesandwiches-and-burgers
All Fried buttermilk chicken burger with carrot and cucumber salad, sweet chilli mayonnaise and icebergsandwiches-and-burgers
Asparagus risottorisotto-orzotto
Assorted Breads rollsbreads
Assorted mini dessertsdesserts
Assorted traditional Greek pastriesdesserts
Avocado toast, heirloom tomatoes & fresh sproutsbreakfast
Basmati riceside-dishes
Beef carpacciostarters
Beef soup (beef / carrots / potatoes / tomato / onion / celeriac / celery / lemon)soups
Beef stifado (beef stew with pearl onions, red wine, tomato sauce)regional-special-dishes
Boiled sausages (pork / turkey / chicken)breakfast-side
Breakfast pastriesbreakfast
Brioche bun with apaki (smoked pork), confit tomato, galoturi (Greek spreadable sheep cheese) and fresh spinachsandwiches-and-burgers
Broccoli velouté Seasonal vegetable veloutésoups
Butter blockbutters
Butter portionbutters
Caesar salad (hearts of lettuce / parmesan cheese / croutons / grilled chicken / Caesar dressing)salads
Caesar salad with prawns (hearts of lettuce / parmesan cheese / croutons / grilled prawns / Caesar dressing)salads
Calamari grilledseafood
Calamari stuffedseafood
Canape platter (variety of meat, fish and vegetarian canapes)platters
Caprese (tomatoes / mozzarella / fresh basil / pesto)salads
Cheese platter (variety of domestic and import cheese garnished with nuts and dry fruits)platters
Chicken breastpoultry
Chicken cutlets (steamed or grilled)poultry
Chicken nuggetspoultry
Chicken skewerspoultry
Chicken soup (noodles / egg-lemon sauce)soups
Chicken tabakapoultry
Chocolate moussedesserts
Chocolate piedesserts
Ciabatta bread with grilled eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, red pepper, with gremolata mayonnaise and fresh arugulasandwiches-and-burgers
Classic eggs benedict with bacon or salmon, hollandaise saucebreakfast
Classic pancakes garnishedbreakfast
Classic pancakes plainbreakfast
Club sandwich with grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheese, tomato lettuce and curry mayonnaisesandwiches-and-burgers
Club sandwich with ham, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce & mayonnaisesandwiches-and-burgers
Cobb salad (romaine lettuce / boiled eggs / avocado / tomatoes / cucumber / crispy bacon / grilled chicken / Roquefort cheese)salads
Codfish fish filletfish
Codfish tempura with walnut saucefish
Cold fish cuts (a variety of smoked or marinated fish)platters
Cold meat cuts (variety of domestic and import cold cuts)platters
Coq au vinpoultry
Crab salad (colorful quinoa, avocado, mango, crab, cocktail sauce, fresh sprouts)salads
Crispy bacon (pork / turkey / vegan)breakfast-side
Crudité with a variety of dipsplatters
Dips / Spread saladsstarters
Dorado fish filletfish
Duck breastpoultry
Exotic fruits slicedfruits-berries
Falafel with pita bread and tahini saucestarters
Fava from Santorini with grilled octapusstarters
Finger food platter (a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian finger food)platters
Finger sandwich platter (a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian finger sandwiches)platters
Fish carpacciostarters
Fish soup (seasonal fish / potatoes / celeriac / carrots / egg-lemon sauce) Minestronesoups
Fish tartarstarters
French baguette with prosciutto, gruyere & arugulasandwiches-and-burgers
French toast garnishedbreakfast
French toast plainbreakfast
Fresh fruit skewersfruits-berries
Fresh Juicesbeverages
Fried zucchini balls with herb yogurt saucestarters
Fruit tartletsdesserts
Gemista (stuffed tomatoes and bell peppers with rice, mint, parsley and raisins)regional-special-dishes
Gluten – Free Breadbreads
Greek fruit spoon sweetsdesserts
Greek halvadesserts
Greek meze platter (stuffed red pepper, olives, stuffed wine leaves , sausages, meatballs, grilled haloumi, feta cheese)platters
Greek salad (tomatoes / cucumber / peppers / olives / wholegrain rusk / feta cheese / oregano)salads
Greek sesame bagel (Koulouri)breads
Greek yogurt garnished or parfaitbreakfast
Greek yogurt plainbreakfast
Greens and quinoa (superfood salad / chia / raisins / berries / cashews) Arugula (prawns / avocado / parmesan)salads
Grilled chicken thighpoultry
Grilled halloumi with tomato marmaladestarters
Grilled mushroomsside-dishes
Grilled octopusseafood
Grilled or steamed vegetablesside-dishes
Grilled sausages (pork / turkey / chicken / vegan)breakfast-side
Grilled talagani with peach chutneystarters
Grilled tomatoesbreakfast-side
Gruyere wrapped in fyllo pastrystarters
Hot or Cold Teabeverages
Hot waterbeverages
Hunkar Begendi (veal meat stew in tomato sauce with eggplant puree)regional-special-dishes
Ice cream and sorbetsdesserts
King prawnsseafood
Kleftiko (roasted lamb with potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, hard cheese)regional-special-dishes
Lamb burger with goat cheese, arugula and truffle mayonnaise Mushroom and haloumi burger with spinach and tomato chutneysandwiches-and-burgers
Lamb chops (Grilled lamb chops, served with yogurt cucumber sauce)meat
Lamb fricassee (lamb stew with wild greens, spinach and egg lemon sauce)regional-special-dishes
Lemon piedesserts
Linguine alle vongole (linguine with clams)pasta
Margarine butter portionbutters
Mashed potatoesside-dishes
Meat or vegetable lasagnepasta
Meatballs with pita bread and eggplant saladstarters
Milk bun with shrimp tempura, sweet chili mayonnaise and cucumber spaghettisandwiches-and-burgers
Mineral waterbeverages
Mini sandwich platter (variety of meat, fish and vegetarian mini sandwiches)platters
Mixed green salad (lettuce / lollo rosso / iceberg / arugula / croutons / cherry tomatoes / cucumber)salads
Musaka (potatoes, eggplant, minced beef meat, bechamel sauce)regional-special-dishes
Mushroom and truffle risottorisotto-orzotto
Mushroom soupsoups
Mussel orzottorisotto-orzotto
Mussels saganaki (mussel stew / lemon /mustard / feta cheese)seafood
Neapolitan style pizza doughpizza
Nicoise (lettuce hearts / tuna / olives / boiled potatoes / cherry tomatoes / fresh beans / boiled egg / anchovy / niçoise dressing)salads
Oat meatbreakfast
Orange piedesserts
Orecchietti al pesto di basilico (orecchietti pasta with basil pesto)pasta
Organic mueslibreakfast
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Other Breadbreads
Other butterbutters
Panna cottadesserts
Pappardelle al ragu (pappardelle pasta with ragu sauce)pasta
Pastitsio (pasta, minced meat, cheese, bechamel sauce)regional-special-dishes
Pita Breadbreads
Pizza al tartufo (mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, fresh truffle, Rosemary)pizza
Pizza margherita (mozzarella, basil, tomato sauce)pizza
Pizza pepperoni (mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce)pizza
Pizza quattro formaggi (mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmigiano reggiano, goat cheese)pizza
Pizza with prosciutto and arugulapizza
Plain eggs prepared according to your preferencebreakfast
Pork skewer (Tender pork bites, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, fresh Greek herbs and lemon juice)meat
Pork tenderloin (Whole pork fillet coated with fresh herbs, grilled with fresh butter)meat
Premium canape platterplatters
Premium caprese (tomatoes / burrata / fresh basil / pesto / balsamic cream)salads
Premium cheese platter (variety of premium domestic and import cheese garnished with nuts and dry fruits)platters
Premium cold fish cuts (a variety of premium smoked or marinated fish)platters
Premium cold meat cuts (a variety of Premium domestic and import cold cuts)platters
Premium Greek salad (cherry tomatoes from Santorini, variety of colorful tomatoes cucumber from Ksossos, capers, samphire, olives from Kalamata,, carob rusk, feta cheese or anevato cheese, oregano)salads
Premium mini sandwich platterplatters
Premium Niçoise (lettuce hearts / fresh grilled tuna cooked medium rare / fresh beans / cherry tomatoes / quail egg / anchovy / niçoise dressing, potatoes, olives)salads
Premium seafood platter (lobster, crab, octopus, squid, king prawns)platters
Rack of lamb (French cut rack of lamb grilled with herbs and fresh butter)meat
Ravioli filled with ricotta and spinachpasta
Red mullet fish filletfish
Red mullet savoro (sour-sweet sauce with wine, vinegar, raisins, rosemary)fish
Rib eyemeat
Risotto alla Milanese (risotto with saffron from Kozani)risotto-orzotto
Roasted baby potatoesside-dishes
Roasted potatoesbreakfast-side
Salmon fish filletfish
Sauté spinachside-dishes
Seabass fish filletfish
Seabass with courgette spaggeti and lemon saucefish
Seabream fish filletfish
Seabream with wild greens and avgolemo (egg-lemon sauce)fish
Seafood platter (octopus, squid, shrimps, scampi)platters
Seafood risottorisotto-orzotto
Seasonal fruits slicedfruits-berries
Seasonal fruits sliced with berriesfruits-berries
Seasonal or Exotic fruit basketfruits-berries
Selection of fresh berriesfruits-berries
Semolina cous-cousside-dishes
Shopping Items (newspapers & magazines, flowers, gifts, supermarket items, supply kitchen equipments, others)concierge-service
Shopping serviceservices
Shrimp orzottorisotto-orzotto
Shrimp saganaki (shrimp stew / tomato / feta cheese)seafood
Smoked grilled eggplant with regional cheesestarters
Smoked salmon platter (Scottish salmon, cucumber pickle, cheese cream)platters
Soft boiled eggs & caviarbreakfast
Soft Drinksbeverages
Sourdough Bread Bagelsbreads
Sourdough bread with cucumber, avocado, mozzarella, French lettuce, sprouts and green goddess sauce (herbs, yogurt, garlic, lemon)sandwiches-and-burgers
Spaghetti aglio e olio (spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil, garlic & parsley)pasta
Spaghetti al pomodoro (tomato sauce/basil)pasta
Spaghetti alla bottarga (spaghetti with bottarga from Mesologgi)pasta
Sparkling waterbeverages
Spirits drinksalcohol-spirits
Storage (freezing / cooling / dry)concierge-service
Stuffed vine leaves (dolmades)starters
Stuffed zucchini (zucchini with minced beef meat, quinoa, lemon sauce)regional-special-dishes
Sweet potato pureeside-dishes
Swordfish fish filletfish
T-bone steakmeat
Tabbouleh (bulgur / spring onions / tomatoes / parsley / mint / lime juice)salads
Tortilla with shredded chicken, iceberg, pico de gallo and guacamole Ciabatta bread with beef steak, onion chutney & Dijon mustardsandwiches-and-burgers
Traditional bougatsa (cream/cheese/spinach)breakfast
Traditional Greek pie (cheese/spinach/leek/beef/chicken)breakfast
Triangle pastry filled with creamdesserts
Trout fish filletfish
Trout with white bean pureefish
Tuna saladsalads
Turkey breastpoultry
Veal fillet mignonmeat
Veal osso buccomeat
Whole grain baguette with feta cheese, Kalamata olives, tomato, sauce tartar, oreganosandwiches-and-burgers
Whole roasted baby chickenpoultry
Εggs prepared according to your preference with garnishbreakfast
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