Our daily goal is to create right and balanced meals, tasty and varied in nutrition, while adhering, at the same time to health and safety standards.


Our mission is to care for the healthy and balanced diet of the people that trust us. By providing our consumers with safe products, we are helping them to nourish and live with better quality without depriving them of taste and nutrition.


Our growth is based on respect for our employees, society, the environment, the consumer and their needs. This means high nutritional and quality foods that meet
the needs of modern societies.


Responsibility towards our employees, partners, suppliers and consumers. We conduct ourselves with integrity every day and honor our commitments to be worthy of the trust shown to us over the years.


Our success is based on individual responsibility for results and integrity. Our human resources, our partners and our suppliers, are based daily on the integrity of our work, our workplace, our research, our production, our products and ultimately our relationship with society.


In the 1970s, the Hellenic, Whiteshield, Windershalowv joint venture headed by Canadian Denison, manufactures the floating platforms and installs the first OCEANIC drilling rigs in Prinos in the Gulf of Kavala with the necessary offshore installations to pump oil off the Prinou Marine Reserve.

 Back then Kyriakos Kyriakidis, with great experience in catering, after a proposal from OCEANIC, establishes, with great enthusiasm, the authentic catering of K. Kyriakidis Airgourmet and undertakes the project, with high quality services, excellent quality meals and excellent traditional and original flavors.

 In the 2000s at a time when civil aviation, was the most important international and national means of transportation, Airgourmet Hellas decided to operate in the supply of airline companies by providing high quality services, excellent quality meals and excellent traditional Mediterranean and original flavors that would satisfy even the most demanding clients, from all nationalities, cultures and religious beliefs.

Today AirGourmet Hellas operates in catering and supply of private aircrafts, with two branches Thessaloniki and Mykonos.

Determining factors today in the production of excellent quality products and excellent flavors for the provision of high quality catering services are the long-standing experience at national and international level, the know-how of its founder and catering executives, the creation of Mediterranean recipes with excellent flavors and appearance, the continuous use of high quality raw materials and the response and satisfaction of our clients’ varied proposals, requirements and needs, based on the contemporary perception and combined with the parallel monitoring of rapid developments in raw materials and auxiliaries.

The excellent service, the provision of high quality services, the implementation of all the required regulations and procedures and international standards by the ISO 22000 and HALAL certification bodies, for the production of top quality products, the excellent combination of quality of services and prices, our immediate adaptation to customer preferences of different nationalities and cultures make us capable of providing complete services of high aesthetics VIP services in order to be able to stand up to the expectations of our customers and associates, in aviation catering, for over 25 years.

AIR GOURMET HELLAS was awarded by the European Foundation for Quality Management twice with the Century International Quality Era Award in the PLATINUM and DIAMOND category for its dedication and alignment with the highest international standards. This recognition was based on the criteria of the QC100 quality model, which has been applied in over 190 countries. BID Awards were established to reward companies that are distinct in achieving their goals in one or more of the following areas, customer satisfaction, communication strategies, benchmarking, information and data analysis, leadership, planning and decision making, human dynamic, continuous education and training, processes and production, business results (prizes – magazines from Zurich and Paris).

  • ISO 22000 in all foods
  • HALAL (Muslimcertificationbody)
  • Mandatory credentials from all vendors

Indicatively, we mention a part of our clients who have enjoyed our culinary delights like OCEANIC, Denison, Hellenic, Whiteshield, Wintershall, Ural Air, Alitalia, Vim Air, Astra, Vilar, Kuban, Ellinair, Air Bohemia, Aeroflot and of course a lot of VIP Jet with high-profile visitors and NATO, which congratulated us for the high level of service. Our company, Airgourmet, also covered catering in all the summits held in Thessaloniki and attended by presidents of states and governments.

The vision and philosophy of our company are: Dishes and flavors always from traditional and aromatic products of the Greek field.

So we gain more and more ground in the field of aviation catering and catering in general.

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